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Let the Team of BUY2RENT and LOANS4HOMES   Pump Up Your Bottom Line as Easy as 1, 2, 3..

   "Buy a New or Pre-owned Vacation / Holiday Home - Just Minutes from the Major Theme Parks in the Orlando, Florida area...

"...And then Offer it as a Managed Rental Property to the growing Millions of Attraction Visitors each year."            

 "Rental Homes Can Offer Great Profit Potential" "Study Say's Housing Prices will Increase 72% by 2010"...Orlando Sentinel

"Buy2Rent's listening-based, innovative, professional service will offer you a relaxing, refreshing new approach to buying your next  home  - and we will be with you before and after the purchase!"


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You can Buy, then Rent a beautiful, luxurious New, 5 Bedroom Home like this, just minutes from all the Orlando Theme Parks and close to all amenities. Christine did!

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support and trust in making Buy2Rent  a terrific success. Having closed over 20 million dollars in volume in the last 3 years, I am grateful to each and every one who has contributed to Buy2Rent Vacation Homes continued push for excellence.

Buy2Rent specializes in the Walt Disney World Resort Area servicing medium to high-end short-term rental zoned properties 2.5 miles from the World Class Resort. Buy2Rent blends Real Estate expertise,  extensive lending knowledge, and good working relationships with only the best vendors to provide a successful environment for second/vacation/holiday homebuyers, investors, sellers, and builders alike. The company always strives to maintain a professional atmosphere for buyers, sellers, builders, and vendors, and is Always willing to take the extra step necessary to ensure success for our clients. Christine's Credo: "Our relationship does not end at the closing table --- we will be with you before and after your purchase!!"

It has always been our attitude to cater to the vacation, holiday home purchasers as well as sophisticated investor clientele. "Providing ongoing quality customer service and alliances with reputable builders is the key to being a leader in this niche market of the second homes/investor industry". Christine Sundquist has always been in the top I% of agents in her area of expertise. Her closing ratio is 97% and the majority of her client base is from referrals provided by happy, successful clients. "Please allow us to earn your trust, and your business". References upon request.

Your New Home is Approved to Operate as a "Short Term Rental" ** 

**This means you can use your vacation home when you want, then let a reputable property manager care for your property and rent it to other people on vacation that come to visit Disney and the other area theme parks. Let us explain how after the down payment the rental management program pays most operational expenses on the above home. Several of our homes are ideally suited for two families that want to purchase an Orlando home together.

Christine's combined Real Estate Brokerage expertise and extensive lending knowledge enhance this niche market for Second Homebuyers, through the offering of Holiday Homes and Investment Villas in this World Renowned Resort Area... 

Christine can explain the opportunities a Second, Investment, Holiday Rental Home can offer: including appreciation; depreciation; two (2) business home maintenance trips a year and a home in the World Class Disney, Epcot, MGM Studios, Sea World, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure areas -- basking in our sun filled, 72 degree, year round, average temperature...
Florida RE Brokers license 4 years; Colorado Brokers license 23 years, Florida Mortgage Broker Business Brokerage 4 years; Colorado Mortgage Broker Business Brokerage 13 years.

enjoying a day at Disney with her two sons, Seth & Ryan.



Let the Offices of BUY2RENT and LOANS4HOMES
Pump Up
Your Bottom Line as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Licensed Mortgage Broker Business #0102410

1) PURCHASE: Lower interest rates Increase property's net income and rate of return. Tax Advantages - Mortgage Appreciation, Depreciation, Passive/Active Income.

2) REFINANCE: Lower Interest Rates Increase Property's Cash Flow. Tax Free Cash Out for Capital Improvements, Education, etc.

3) LIST: Free Competitive Market Value Analysis. Qualified Buyer's desire Furnished, Short-Term Zoned Rentals. Equity build split net proceeds up reinvest in 2 homes or 1031 exchanges.

Christine closed 20 Million in volume within the last 3 years and has always been in the top 1% of Agents with her expertise. LOANS4HOMES compliments the value added service availability of Personalized Loan Programs tailored to match individual needs.


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