Christine Sundquist is a specialist in the sale of New & Pre-owned primary, second, holiday-vacation rental homes located just minutes from all of the Major Orlando Theme Parks.

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Christine prefers to work as a single agent for the buyer all at no cost to the buyer.

Buy2Rent, specializing in Second Homes, Holiday Homes and Primary Residences within the World Renowned Orlando Resort area - all just minutes from the theme parks and close to all amenities.

  • Florida Brokers license 4 years
  • Colorado Brokers license 23 years
  • Florida Mortgage Broker Business Brokerage 4 years
  • Colorado Mortgage Broker Business Brokerage 13 years
  • Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder Business School with an emphasis in marketing and real estate

Buy2Rent's Combined Real Estate Brokerage expertise and extensive lending knowledge result in creating the successful environment in this niche market for Second/Vacation/Holiday Homebuyers  and Investors within the World Renowned Orlando Resort Area around Walt Disney World.

  • Rental Management is the key to the mechanics of operating the property at a profit. Reliable management firms with a good industry track record are the only companies Buy2Rent  will recommend. The management company not only manages your asset but also books the property. A 20% down payment will break even at 24 weeks and 10% down payment will break even in approximately 30 weeks; this includes all the operational costs. Additional rental weeks beyond these will create a profit center.

Buy2Rent creates a personalized purchasing and borrowing portfolio depending on the type of purchase and the needs and desires of the purchaser.

  • As a U.S. citizen a Second or Vacation Home can be purchased with as little as 10% down.                              
  • As a foreign national, you must put 20% down with low documentation or 25% with none.
  • As a primary residence with 3% down or less - FHA/VA benefits may be used (with limitations).

Buy2Rent blends both Real Estate expertise and extensive lending knowledge to facilitate a successful environment for second/vacation/holiday homebuyers, investors, sellers, builders, and vendors. We are only successful when you are. 

Buy2Rent maintains a professional atmosphere at all times, whether it is for rental home purchasers, loan pre-qualification, comparison of management styles, through a successful closing and beyond - and the relationship does not end at the closing table.

  • Christine has specialized in the Walt Disney World Resort and greater Orlando, Florida area since 1999, servicing medium to high-end short-term rental zoned properties, just 2.5 miles from the World Class Walt Disney World area. It has always been her attitude to cater to the vacation, holiday home purchasers as well as sophisticated investor clientele. Providing excellent, quality customer service is the key to being a leader in the second home/investor industry.
  • You will find doing business with Christine Sundquist, specializing as a Buyer’s Broker Agent, a mortgage banker, or a combination of both, a wise business decision. She can provide you with the Holiday Home of your dream, the affordable mortgage options, the most professional vendors -- and all of this at a very competitive cost.

Our Annual Goal Statement:

A small business has intimacy as its primary virtue. Quick responses to changing market conditions are easier to manage; Internal communications are much easier to maintain and the flow more effective; Associates’ dedication to the Buyer is much more evident as is the credibility of our promise of personalized customer service. The sale begins at the time of contact; however, our customer centered valves continue well after the closing, because referrals are the lifeblood of our business. 

" Buy2Rent's listen-based, innovative, professional service will offer you a refreshing and welcome new approach to buying your next home - and we will be there for you in the future. !! "

Do The Math --- BUY4LOCATION + BUY4VALUE = Buy2Rent

Christine Sundquist          

Please contact Christine for more detailed information or an appointment to view the model homes.

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For Local Calls and Calls Outside the US: 1-407-908-3030

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Christine Sundquist, Licensed Florida Real Estate, Broker # BK 3008042, located 7862 Irlo Bronson Hwy, Suite 327, Kissimmee, Florida 34747.

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Note: Florida Real Estate law requires that we make full disclosure. At this time,  Christine Sundquist, Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker # BK 3008042, has no representation to you as a prospective buyer; however, Christine prefers to work as a single agent for the buyer (at no cost to the buyer). A final decision can be made at the time we first regarding such representation.

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